Install Roof Top Solar Power PV Plant and cut your electricity bills!


  1. Take a clear full picture of your society’s electricity bill (front and back). (All bills of any one month)
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  4. Receive a feasibility report in 24 hours!
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Solar Power for Residential Societies!

Your Society Can Save more than 70% of your electricity bill by installing solar panels on your terrace and other shadow free open area!


  1. All your common area power consumption for stair case, lifts, water pump, club house, swimming pool, etc., will get reduced to 20%!
  2. Installation of Solar Panels will reduce the chances of leakages from rain!
  3. Protect your society from increase in power costs every year!
  4. Your rate per unit of electricity will remain constant for 25 years!
  5. Participate in Green Energy revolution and save your next generation!
  6. Ask for 0% investment option!
  7. Builders and Developers get up to 60% Depreciation in 1st year!

Our Products

  • Solar Roof Top for Residences
  • Solar Roof Top for Residential Society
  • Solar Roof Top for Commercial Building
  • Solar Roof Top for Industrial Building
  • Solar Roof Top for Warehouses
  • Solar Roof Top for Hotels
  • Solar Roof Top for Hospitals
  • Solar Roof Top for Educational Institutions
  • Solar Roof Top for Government Buildings
  • Solar Roof Top for Petrol Pumps
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Solar Parks
  • Solar Power through Open Access

Solar Power Plant system- Customized Solutions:

Solar power plant for captive consumption offer a variety of customized solutions! This means, apart from saving on power cost, an intelligent and experienced vendor can add value to the customer’s benefit without any additional expenditure. While doing the initial site survey, a solar expert looks for various shadow free areas to maximize solar plant installation and offer innovative solutions! incentives to non-commercial buildings.

Solar Power Plant for parking lots

One of the best value additions is solar power plant for parking lots. Car parking is normally there in every building. Depending on the size of the building, there may be car parking for few cars or may range to hundreds! Further, typically these car parking’s are located in open space and the afternoons usually heat up the cars. When you sit in the car, you might actually get baked! There is also a risk to the car that the fuel might heat up!
A choice of solar power plant can provide shade and allow the cars to remain cool plus it generates power and cause savings!

Solar Power Plant for Hotels

Hotels can be one of the biggest beneficiaries of solar power. With heavy consumption of electricity for various common facilities, even the rooms gobble good power with extravagant use by the occupants who have come to splurge on the facilities. Further, hotels have high tariff rates! Even electricity is major cost component for a hotel.
Here, solar power plant can be a blessing. Installation of solar power plant system can reduce the power cost to as low as Rs.2/- per unit! Further, this cost per unit is constant for 25 years! A hotel owner can create a security, rework the room tariffs and attract better occupancy with a competitive edge!
Hotels have one of the best and safest options to install solar power!

Solar Power Plant system for resorts

Resorts have similar kind of features as hotels but they have more open shadow free space and larger consumption. Resorts can also take benefit of solar power systems for beautification and aesthetic value. It provides better look and beautification. A creative architect can design the resort taking solar energy as mandatory feature. This is important, as apart from saving on power costs, a resort can also display its commitment to green energy. It can be an advertising value. It can say that by generating of solar power of say 1000 units is equal to planting of 45 trees in a year!

Architects & building designers are now considering to make solar power plant system an integral part of designing. They ensure that their design facilitates installation of solar power with appropriate flat surface with shadow free area. They also use solar power panels for beautification of their project.

Solar power plants for captive consumption and rooftop solar power plant systems will play an important role in achieving the target of 40 GW of roof top installations by 2022 in India!

KOKU SOLAR seeks to create a niche by defining a best option for you to choose by considering your needs and customizing the installation and bringing you maximum savings. Offering maximum solar power generation per kilowatt at lowest cost is our expertise!