Best Cost Cutting Opportunity:

  • Conventional Power Rate increases by around 5% every year
  • Excellent alternative to diesel generated power
  • Cost per unit of Solar power predetermined for 25 years
  • One time investment payback 4 to 6 years
  • Least maintenance cost
  • Generation and Consumption at same location
  • Back to Back warrenty for solar panels, inverter
  • Additional Depreciation 40% and Accelerated Depreciation of 20% in very first year
  • Subsidy to non-commercial organizations of 30% of investment and separate incentives statewise

Basic Information:

  • 1 Kilowatt = 1400 units in a year
  • 1 Kilowatt = 120 square feet shadow free
  • 1 Kilowatt = Rs.60,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/-
  • Optional Battery cost = Add 60%
  • Rate per unit of normal power: Rs.6/- to Rs.16/-
  • Cost per unit of Solar power: Less than Rs.5/-
  • Maintainence and Spares cost per unit: Around Rs.1.25
  • 1 unit of power generated emits 0.500 kg of carbon foot print
  • Offer safe environment for next generation

Solar Power does not need subsidies- It is now commercially viable!

Solar power plant installations are aggressively promoted by Indian government. There are various policies in place. All states have got targets to meet and proper planning is done to meet the targets.

For many years, the government has offered subsidies on investment ranging from 30% to 70%! Even there are provisions for accelerated depreciation and additional depreciation to encourage investment in solar power plants. Loans are given on subsidised interest rates for solar water pumps.

However, the scenario has changed in 2017 as the prices of solar panels have dropped by almost 20% and exchange rate of dollar-rupee has fallen below 65 per dollar. Further, the tariff have gone high making grid power expensive than ever. Maharashtra has highest electricity tariff in India.

All buildings are now adopting solar. It may be a school, college, house, office, railways, airports, metro rail, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, malls, factories, industrial units, manufacturing companies, etc., all can now install solar power plants with large saving in power costs. Government departments will be biggest beneficiaries of solar installations.

Solar power plants for hospitals and clinics, solar power plant for housing societies, solar power plants for warehouses and solar power plants for commercial buildings have now become financially feasible. The payback of investment is around 4-years.

The solar rooftop plant for residential buildings and housing societies can save upto 90% of its electricity bill. Modern residential society have heavy power consumption for common areas. There are lifts, club house, swimming pool, garden, air conditioned passages and so on. Car parking location can be best used for installing solar power plants. Solar power installation on parking lot provides not only the spaces but also provides shadow to the cars parked below the solar panels.

Solar power plant for hospitals and clinics can save a lot of money as these places are normally fully air conditioned and have equipments which have heavy power consumption. They also have large terraces which can be used for installation of solar panels.

Solar power plant for warehouses are best as it has a huge terrace or a roof, even open spaces around. Hence, the shadow free space available is ample. Further, warehouses are victims of power cuts and heavy consumers of diesel for diesel generator. With installation of solar power they can save almost 70% of diesel costs which is substantial. Even electricity tariffs are high as they fall in commercial category. In spite of using all power saving techniques like led bulbs, power savers, automatic light controllers which automatically switch off the lights and other devices when no one is in that location and switches on again when someone enters that room or location. Major power consumption is of air conditioners especially for pharma warehouses and perishable goods storage.

Following are the advantages of installing solar power roof top plants:
It can be installed very quickly.
It can be installed where the power is consumed. Hence its saves on transmission costs.
There are no movable parts hence least maintenance costs.
The technology is robust and proven, hence no technology based risks.
Investment is affordable as the cost per unit is less than that of grid power.
Solar irradiation is predictable, hence the generation can be predicted accurately for the purpose of financial planning.
Solar power generation data can be accessed online from remote location through internet. This helps when there is any deviation in generation. In case of any discrepancy, it can be rectified immediately. Hence, the generation loss can be monitored and attended.
Hence, Rooftop Solar power plants are popular with housing societies, hospitals, warehouses and all buildings.